The following experts in the fields of adult and/or child psychoanalysis have served as advisers to Barbara Burrows

Thomas F. Barrett Ph.D., Cleveland OH;

Sylvia Brody Ph.D., New York, N.Y.;

James W. Deutsch M.D. Ph.D. F.R.C.P. (C), Psychoanalyst, Toronto, ON;

Judith Deutsch M.S.W, Psychoanalyst, Toronto, ON;

Margaret-Ann Fitzpatrick-Hanly Ph.D., Psychoanalyst, Toronto, ON;

Norman Rosenblood Ph.D., Psychoanalyst, Hamilton ON;

Otto Weininger Ph.D., Toronto, ON. (1929-2003);

Erna Furman, Cleveland, OH (1925-2002);

Robert A. Furman M.D., Cleveland OH (1924-2002)